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Contact - Richard Gould

Telephone: 01437 563512 / 07725 645543


Please get in touch for further information or to discuss your requirements.  

Nature Awareness - Bushcraft - Forest School

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What we Offer


Whether you work at an outdoor centre, school or charity, or whether you run a youth group or co-ordinate a group of home-educators, we can help you to provide high quality nature connection activities for wellbeing or nature skills development for your clients or children.

We can also train your teachers, educators, youth workers or outdoor staff in bushcraft and nature skills (with reference to working with client groups) in order to enhance or complement their existing skills.

So, if you want to help others get closer to nature or develop your own wild side - read on, or get in touch!

We can work with you to develop and deliver workshops, activities and programmes in the following themes:

Nature Connection - Games, fun activities and practices for feeling more at home in nature

Bushcraft - Skills for moving in and living from the land based on a thorough understanding of its ecology - creating shelter and fire, finding water, properties and uses of plants, wildlife tracking and observation, cooking on a fire, basic crafts and tool use, movement skills for approaching wildlife or aidless navigation.

Forest School - an ongoing programme for nature connection and wellbeing, incorporating games, outdoor play, wildlife observation, exploration and basic bushcraft such as shelter building and cooking on a fire.

Wildlife and Ecology - Tailored workshops or guided walks along the themes of wildlife tracks and signs, wildlife observation, identification of plants and trees, interpeting the landcape.

Nature Conservation - Identify and undertake practical tasks to promote the wildlife of your site. Develop simple management plans for wildlife conservation.

About You

You might be interested in getting in touch if:

You have a site where you want to run programmes for nature-skills development or nature connection;

You work for an organisation with the objectives of connecting people with nature, or delivering nature-skills trainings;

You want to run a Forest School or Bushcraft activities at your site;

You have a group which wants to take part in welcoming, hand-on nature-based activities in wildlife rich settings for fun and wellbeing;

You have a group which wants to develop their bushcraft or nature skills;

You work with teachers and outdoor leaders who want to develop their skills in running Forest School or Bushcraft activities.